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Securely and instantly share tax records with advisors, banks, and tax professionals. No paper required.

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IRS Health Check

Know where you or your client stands with the IRS with actionable, personalized data and insights.
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IRS Records

Digital Tax Records

With the press of a button, securely and instantly share records with your advisors, banks, lender, and tax professionals.
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IRS Activity Alerts

Know when there is a change in your or your client's IRS account(s). No calls. No surprise letters.
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Loved by Advisors, Banks, Lenders, and the Taxpayers they serve

“New client onboarding takes days rather than months when we start with a complete picture of their income and accounts that Tax Status provides.”

T.S., Advisor

Family Wealth Manager

“Having digital access to my IRS account is a game changer. Now, I can instantly share this data with my bank CPA, and financial advisor - saving time and preventing sleepless nights."

A.Q., Texas

Small Business Owner

“I love, love, love the loan process workflow and how fast we obtain IRS transcripts. Now we can close SBA loans 3 weeks faster than any of our competitors!"

S.M., SBA Loan Manager

$9 Billion Bank

“We’re preventing identity theft and reducing client admin time because Tax Status makes every piece of IRS information a secure, digital process – from consent to records in hand."

N.K. Risk Manager

Top Commercial Lender

“Preparing client returns are so much easier when they are fully doc’d. Tax Status is the zero-friction enabler that is a win for CPAs and taxpayers."


Small Accounting Firm

“Home loan reviews take 80% less time per client when they enable us to verify income and tax returns through Tax Status."

J.C., Loan Officer

Regional Mortgage Lender

Know what the IRS knows