IRS Account Monitoring

Current status, account history and all official records for any business or individual.

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IRS Account Status

You can review your account online anytime so you can maintain your good standing with the IRS.

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Risk Score

Check your Tax Score and understand your risk of future IRS audits and action.

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Tax Transcripts

Enjoy instant, one-click access to all of your tax transcripts.

Always in the loop

View your tax score and information all organized in a single dashboard.

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See what the IRS sees

Review your IRS account along with your wage history and know what the IRS knows and learn what next steps to take.

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Fix and avoid IRS problems

Quickly identify areas of concern
and take advantage of one click fixes.


Your TID Tax Score®
is based on

Improving your tax score begins with understanding it and learning how it’s calculated.

Account Status


Account Activity

Amounts Due


Effortlessly stay on top of your account

When you’re in good standing, life is good while we help you effectively manage your IRS account all in one place.

Tax Transcripts

You can see and download any of your tax return transcripts, wage and income transcripts and account transcripts with a single click.

Faster loan decisions

Get loan approval faster by providing your offical income and tax returns securely to lenders.

Payment plans

We can help you get into good standing quickly and inexpensively. We assist in setup of monthly IRS payment plans that you can easily afford and help you pay off your taxes monthly.


No more surprises.

We can alert you of any filings, collections or suspicious activity.






Will the IRS know when I check my account? Am I sending any “red flags?”

The IRS will not know how often you view your records. Reviewing your status through our system raises no flags.


How do you get access to my tax data?

You provide authorization during signup. After your authorization is processed by the IRS we can pull your transcripts electronically.


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Just login and click “cancel” in your Account Settings.


Is my data secure?

All of your data is encrypted during transmission and stored on our secure servers using 512-bit encryption.

Get started

Be proactive with the IRS

Dealing with the IRS is much easier when you are proactive (not reactive).